Curio Shop

The Curio shop in The Amayaa is a one-stop-shop for the souvenirs you wish to carry back for friends and family. As old as Varanasi is, it has its own range of souvenirs that you can take back from here, from the exotic and expensive world renowned Banarasi Silk saree to the wooden toys crafted in Varanasi. The Amayaa has its curio shop stocked with authentic items at absolute fair price to ensure that the guest get a complete experience right up to memories being carried back from Varanasi. To ensure the best is offered, the choicest of items are in stock at the curio shop along with options to order for different colour or sizes of items that are customizable. Our recommendation is to visit the curio shop early in your trip to give yourself time to select the best of what is there on offer and order for anything in advance.

The curio shop at The Amayaa has all the key items and varieties from Varanasi as well as Sarnath; so along with the exotic Banarasi silk sarees, you will get a range of items like different sculptures of Buddha from Sarnath.

    The must-take items from Varanasi are:

  • Ganga Jal, or the holy water from the sacred river Ganges.
  • Wooden toys for bulk gifting; these are made in the lanes of Varanasi and come in bright colors based on cultural. You can choose to buy traditional toys, modern toys, religious toys, or animals and birds themes.
  • Gulabi Meenakari is another item you would certainly wish to carry back home from Varanasi as it is a statement of art available only in Varanasi. This ancient art form is crafted over precious metals to create jewelry or small boxes to keep knick-knacks.
  • Ramnami cloth is one of the most sought-after souvenirs from Varanasi, reasons being either religious or fashion statement across the globe. Generally made of pure cotton with Hindu deities or mantras printed on it, you can opt for a different fabric like lightweight viscose, rayon, or bamboo.
  • Glass Beads, or more commonly called “Kaanch ke moti,” is a treasure trove for those who love junk jewelry as Varanasi is the only destination where one can find an array of earrings, neck-pieces, or bracelets with its roots in the lanes and villages of Varanasi.
  • Stone carved curios are must-take items as a memory from the very place where most of the pillars of Ashoka, the great emperor’s pillars came from. Like all items at The Amayaa’s curio shop, the stone carved curios too are handpicked from the finest artists of Chunar

The list of collectibles can go on, but the best is to step in to the curio shop at The Amayaa to experience it all as there is always something that you can take back from the curio shop, be it for a child or an adult, religious or atheist, man or a woman, or just for you.