The gymnasium at The Amayaa is exclusively for the residents and is accessible from room floors. The philosophy behind the gym is a very simple one…overall WELLNESS for every guest.

As our guests come to cleanse their souls, be it at Varanasi or Sarnath, so we take the onus of encouraging physical fitness for a complete wellness. Being in the ancient city of Varanasi, we at The Amayaa recommend a few tricks to get you started on your lifelong journey of complete rejuvenation—physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Amayaa prides in having in-house Yoga instructors, who have known Yoga as life like their forefathers did. Located in the most serene spot in the property, the gym has regular sessions of Yoga. The gym is also fully equipped with life fitness bikes, treadmills, steppers, powerjog treadmills, concept rowers, abdominizer. Our trained instructors are there to get you the correct cardiovascular regime. You can also get into doing Pilates, primarily to relax muscles along with developing core strength and flexibility. Yoga and Pilates sessions can be arranged in the suites as well.

The gym facility is complimentary to all our in-house guests, the idea is to encourage one and all to indulge in selfwellness or simply to stay physically fit.