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Varanasi is in the Northern part of India, where it experiences the extreme weather conditions, marked by very hot summers and chilly winters. So, obviously, winter is a great time to visit Varanasi. It is best to avoid the summers since they are hot dry and sunny making outdoor sightseeing difficult. However, since winter is the peak season, all travel and living arrangements need to be booked well in advance.

That said, unless you are too sensitive to heat or cold, you can visit this city at any time of the year. At Amayaa, you will find comfortable rooms that adjust the temperature according to your requirements and can also arrange for comfortable transport to help you survive either the heat, rain, or cold.

From April to June is the summer season in the city. The temperature ranges between 32 and 46 degrees Celsius. At times Varanasi gets monsoon showers during this period. Since the weather is too hot, it is not the best time to visit Varanasi

Monthly Weather in Varansi

Month Avg. Minimum ( 0' C ) Avg. Maximum ( 0' C )
January 11 23
February 13 28
March 17 32
April 25 39
May 27 39
June 28 38
July 27 32
August 27 33
September 26 31
October 22 32
November 15 28
December 12 22